Real Life is a strange, incomprehensible dimension occasionally referred to by the omnipotent entities that control the lives of the residents of the Personification Life universe. According to the Original Progenitor, Ceril, Real Life is "more important" than Personification Life, though the reasons why were never clarified. Sometimes one of the Reality Perpetuators will become 'inactive' for 'Real-Life reasons.'

Contact between Real Life and Personification LifeEdit

First contact between Personfication Life and Real Life Trestablished at 12:30 AM on September the 15th, 2013, when Dabfia, the Original Original Progenitor, along with Tsuyoi Tekikoku, Ceasario, Monfrox, Bone Fort, Kilavesh and Grand Britannia, the Original Reality Perpetuators, moved into the Apartment Building. At the time, the building was not located in Bielefeld. The author of this article uses the term "moved in" in the loosest sense possible, as the individuals involved had created proxies in order to interact with the world in a way more pleasing to them. The true form of the Reality Perpetuators is currently unknown, but the most popular current theory is that they're actually much more attractive than their proxies, and that they only toned their appearance down so that the residents of this dimension could go without instantly falling in love with any proxy they saw. White hair appears to be very common in Real Life, as do mystical abilities (see: Swith). 

It seems that Personification Life is a very popular destination for Reality Perpetuators; since first cotact several new RPers have created proxies to interact with the PL World. These include: Swith (deceased, though some of her proxies live on), Bran (creator of the Branriech), Cerilium (the current Original Progenitor), the Primordial Luxan, Dani,the New Velociraptor Empire (we suggest that this could be a pseudonym), New Akserban (no information regarding Old Akserban is available at this time), and Germanic Templars (embodied by "Thriller;" relation to Michael Jackson pending investigation), among others. 

For some reason, the Reality Perpetuators seem to enjoy pitting themselves against equally or even more powerful sub-proxies, often causing immense amounts of damage in the process (see: The Drone Invasions). For this reason, some have labelled them as menaces to society.


  • The name "personification life" was given to our dimension by the Reality Perpetuators.
  • No-one is actually aware that there's anyone in control of the Proxies. I'm not aware that there is anyone in control of the proxies. I am typing this with my eyes closed. Look, ma, no eyes!
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