PL Staff
IC OP/GM Cerillium
OOC OP Swith Witherward
Senior CoOPS

Bone Fort, Tiltjuice

CoOPs Zarkanians
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Resident Experts
Real World
PL Mentor Giovenith

Chinese Language

Japanese Language Cerillium
Weapons Erucia
World Building Swith Witherward
Tropes Editor Monfrox
Ace Combat The Branriech
Cthulhu Primordial Luxa
Fae Mincaldenteans
MLP Giovenith, New Aksarben
Star Trek Mincaldenteans, Tiltjuice

Star Wars

Warhammer 40K Bone Fort, Cerillium,
Swith Witherward, Warpspace

The continuing saga of the housemates from hell (some of them literally)

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Personification Life

PL is a multi-genre role play found in the Portal to the Multiverse (P2TM) forum on NationStates. It was founded on Sep 15, 2012 by Dabfia. Swith Witherward took over as IC/OOC OP on October 14, 2012. Cerillium became IC OP on Fri May 24, 2013. We have nearly 4K pages under our belt. We started off simply and challenged players to improve.

We started off as one-liners and sans any plot. Over time, PL developed into the megathread you see today. This was the result of putting experienced OPs in place and utilizing experienced CoOPs as well as player dedication.

Personification Life is now recognized as an unofficial training RP for new players or those looking to brush up their skills.

PL Staff

The Staff are the ones who tend the threads. Their word is law. Staff frequently meet in the OSF Staff thread to discuss game matters, future story lines, and technical glitches. Overarching control rests with Cerillium; world tending is done by Swith Witherward.

Personification Life's primary OP are both official P2TM Mentors on Nation States.

Resident Experts

These are the people we turn to for solid advice. They are the end-all source, meaning that their final decision stands.

Genre Experts

Genre experts breathe life into their genre due to their incredible knowledge (read: obsession) with the subject.


PL was expanded to suit a wide variety of genre. Nearly any genre is allowed (within reason) and adapted to blend with the setting. The key is to find balance between genre with no single one trumping the others.  This open concept allows new players to play what’s near and dear to their hearts. It draws in more players and serves as a neutral ground where players can play a concept they’re familiar with. Doing this alleviates the burden of learning an entire new genre although the setting itself takes time to adapt to.

Training is done live, meaning that players post in the IC (In Character) thread and then, if necessary, CoOPs and other players offer suggestions for ways to improve posting style. Players are encouraged to ask questions in the OOC (Out of Character) thread in order to gain knowledge from more experienced players. It’s an open and friendly environment that helps to put nervous new players at ease.

Helpful Links

These are some links which are helpful to better understanding the PLverse:

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