Giovenith is a female deity. She is one of the older characters still in play, having made her first appearance in IC Thread I. She was created and is played by Giovenith (the user).

Initially appearing to be an insane street waif, Giovenith was quickly revealed be a very young deity, a born godling from the Creation Greater Being, Pearlelei. Benevolent and childlike, she is best known for her penchant for arts and crafts, though she has also been shown to have a mature and wise side. Throughout the game Giovenith goes through many trials and changes, slowly detailing her growth from a child into a young woman and goddess.


Like most early characters in Personification Life, Giovenith initially served as a loose representation of her handler's NationStates nation, The Empire of Giovenith. Her status as Pearlelei's daughter was a representation of the country's religious heritage, her artistic talents of its esteem for the humanities, and her kindness of its pacifictic, diplomatic approach to world affairs. 


Giovenith is one of several parthenogenic divine children born by the Greater Being Pearlelei. According to her own account, Pearlelei retreated to a very distant pocket dimension in order to birth her in the year 1996 AD, on a timestamp that would correspond to December 8th. She is the Being's fourth child overall and her second daughter, and was born to represent "the rewards of victory"—the results that come from the success of a goal, whether personal or societal, including happiness, peace, safety, culture, satisfaction, etc., but also naivety, complacency, privilege, etc.

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