Gallimaufry is a dimension that serves as the main setting for PL: The Epic. It was created by O. C. Demens.



There is no place in the Universe quite like Gallimaufry, probably because Gallimaufry would fit no place else. Fashioned by a Greater Being of Chaos (rather than one of Creation), it is a lopsided mess that functions while remaining partially ignorant of the Laws of Physics (thus they do not always apply). It is filled with all the strange stuff forgotten or overlooked by the Cosmos (because, if it wasn't nailed down, Demens appropriated it). It is sealed off from other dimensions, accessible only by Gateways, although it is rumored that some gods are allowed to come and go as they please per Demens' whim.


The dimension contains several gateways. Most are housed in secretive spots, protected by denizens, and tended by Guardians. Gates are proprietary, meaning that a Gallimaufry gate will lead to other destinations but only via gates fashioned by Demens in those destinations. The gateways are predominantly used by the Archivists and gods; Demens himself does not require a gate, nor do other Greater Beings currently on his "good side". Specific gods are likewise permitted to travel, but we won't concern ourselves with them for the moment.

Or at all.

Guardians are the protectors of the gateways leading to and from the Gallimaufry dimension. They can not be bribed. They can not be enchanted. They can not be pleaded with. They can not be slain. At times, they are similar to Charon in that they ferry travelers. At other times, they are responsible for bringing items into the dimension.

It should be noted that Guardians are eternally patient in most matters but will strike down anything that intrudes upon the Gatehouse. Trespassers, beware! There is no saving throw. Dead is dead, and you'll be lucky if they let your soul pass through to reach your chosen pantheon's heaven.


Gallimaufry Mundi (or simply Gallimaufry or Galli or Mauf or That Place) is relatively small compared to Earth or Mars.

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